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Medavita A global solution, from prewash to finish

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Soothing shampoo pH 5.5

Hydrating – Emollient – Soothing – Cell proliferating – Eudermic – Prevents reddening – Dermoprotective – Repairing – Orthodermic

Restores the skin’s normal balance and repairs damages thanks to the soothing and revitalising properties of a special pool of active ingredients of plant origin (Calendula, Lavender, Yarrow, Linden, Elderberry). The action of ß-Glucan, Biotin and Panthenol repairs cutaneous tissues, gives elasticity and fights free radicals activity: ß-Glucan with soothing properties also counteracts the oxidative damages from UV radiations; Biotin boosts cellular activity and balance lipid secretion; Panthenol with its intense hydrating action devolves a balanced degree of humidity to the scalp. Enriched with Allantoin with regenerating properties of epidermis cells, Piroctone olamine with gentle keratolytic and bacteriostatic action and Lotion Concentrée Naturalis Essentiae active ingredients pool.

Calming and soothing treatment.

Soothing lotion for sensitive, dry and reddened scalp.

Irritated skin and/or atypical flaking.

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